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"This is humiliating.""Arrested people are still screened for AIDS, while this should be voluntary.There is a preconceived idea that all homosexuals have AIDS," she added."People also continue to be sacked if their boss finds out they're gay. Dennis says having ‘genital preferences’ in dating is transphobic. If you’re a man who wants your woman to have a vagina you’re a bigot. Also, are we to believe trans people are the only humans without that implicit bias built into their preferences?Dennis released a video at about his theory on “cissexism”, which he says is interchangeable with “transphobia” and means[People] might argue that being attracted to women without vaginas in no way negatively affects trans people, but on the other hand I would argue it’s more complicated than that. If you’re a trans man who is only attracted to women with vaginas (I can’t believe I actually had to write that phrase) are you “cissexist” and “transphobic” as well?Grodecki’s films combined a precise mix of compassion, voyeurism, and above all an appreciation of stylized cinematography and lighting that I find extremely present in ‘Brothers of the Night‘.

Enter Patric Chiha’s ‘Brothers of the Night‘ – a docu-fiction hybrid that explores the realm of Buglarian Romani prostitutes in Vienna.The men in this movie have all come from Bulgaria, a country that has the highest percentage of Romani people in all of Europe.Over the course of the movie we follow gypsy men like Stefan who after marrying young and incurring debts decided to come to Vienna to find higher paying jobs.Upon arriving he figured out that there weren’t any jobs and was introduced to hustler bars like ‘Rudiger’ where older men and younger hustlers mix and make deals in bathrooms.Patric Chiha who previously directed the sensuous film ‘Domain’ with Beatrice Dalle weaves many inspirations from previous films into his creation, but the one that strikes me as having the most influence is the director Wiktor Grodecki known for his work on the male hustler documentaries ‘Body Without Soul’ and ‘Not Angels But Angels’ and also the fiction film based on male hustling, ‘Mandragora’.

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