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There she was standing there in just her white silk panties with us two work friends sucking at her huge tits.I pulled away and went behind her again putting my hands inside her knickers and touching her bare butt running my fingers up and down her crack.

While we were enjoying our feast we had managed to undo the back of her skirt which just fell to the floor.Once I was all the way in I slowly at first started fucking her pussy, then gradually got faster and faster then I shoot my cum inside her.Jamie had come back from the bathroom and said he wanted to fuck her as well to which Terri said OK I want you too.I and Jamie worked together in the same department in a large company, working with several women of all age groups and had a great time working and flirting with the women there same of whom were married.We'd spend time with them after work in the pub on a Friday night and because we were the only men in the department we would always flirt that little bit more with them once we'd all had a few beers, they certainly seemed to enjoy the attention they got.

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Jamie got Terri up dancing straight away and carried on from where they left off.

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