Dating in bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar is the headquarters of East Coast division of Indian Railways.It is situated on the main line from Kolkata to Chennai and is well connected to most major Indian cities.There are also shared autos that make journeys for as little as ₹5/km.

There are two officially sanctioned options for getting a taxi at the airport -Carzonrent, a private cab agency, and a prepaid taxi service run by the airport. The Carzonrent salesman will try to upsell you day trip packages when you are looking for just a ride.

Buses are decrepit, but quirkily decorated and very cheap (an overnight ride to Kolkata cost ₹400 in early 2015).

Bhubaneswar's roads are well-laid out by Indian standards, and the newer parts of the city are well-planned.

Fares are very reasonable, a 15 km journey costs ₹14.

Tickets are bought on the bus — you can either pay cash or use a smartcard that you have to acquire in advance.

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With more than 100 educational institutes in the city, Bhubaneswar is also very popular for students from Eastern part of India.