Everquest launcher stuck at updating

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Everquest launcher stuck at updating

and then use: WINEPREFIX="~/eq-box#" wine patchme for example note though you will need to patch each one separatly.An even easier method would be to buy Cross Over Games 7 (and thus supporting WINE economically) that has a graphical front-end to do this easy called bottles.

Originally developed by Verant, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has since taken over the project.You might need to chown -R username path_to_EQ_directory and chmod 0755 -R path_to_EQ_directory.Patcher The new patcher system is sensitive to file locations.I remembered having this problem with an old native Linux game (UT) because of this as well and the solution there was to force the game to just run on the first core, so i tested it with EQ as well and it works perfectly!To run EQ directly without the patcher on just the first core, open a terminal and cd to the install directory of EQ and type the following: taskset -c 0 wine patchme If your running the game through the patcher is: taskset -c 0 wine Ever Its the "taskset -c 0" prefix that binds the process to the first CPU/Core.

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If a setting is missing, like Texture Cache, just enter it into the appropriate section.

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