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But each of thele have been found equally contrary to truth. IX truth, when applied to the pagan theology, though fome of their fables have been e:n- bellifhed with many circumftances related in the Mofaie hiftory. The genital parts which fell into the 6ea, impregnating the waters, formed^ Venus, the most potent and charming of the gorl-'c? , According to Lactantius, Cxlus was an ambitious and mighty prince, who, affecting grandeur, called bim- self son of the shy; which title i is son Saturn also as- sumed iu his turn.In works of this kind, no care has hitherto been taken to give the lealt intimation of abundance of circumftan- ces necrrgii.] oi the worlds of which they kn? But Diodorus makes Uranus the first monarch of the Atlantides, a nation inhabiting the western coast of Africa, and famous for commerce and hospitality.An appre- hension which then struck me, that such a pertonnauee Height be particu- larly serviceable to your Grace, tirst inclined me to listen to the overtures Which were made for pre] aring another and more complete edition of tins t Vork ; against which my little leisure!from other important avocations had else determined me.

'Hie palace of the sun has been admi- rably described by Ovid, as well as his car, in the second book ot his Metamorphosis. Tile first ai.d most ngted of his sons was x£s- culapius, whom he had by the nymph Corom Y.


Indebted to your Grace's illustrious house for all that I am, thither every grateful consideration is wont to direct my views and affections.

w so little, that it is no wonder they disguised rather than illustrated the . V\ r e find Virgil represent- Chaos a» one of the infernal deities, and Ovid, at his tir-t setting in the Metamorphosis, or transfor- mation of tiie Go Ji, giving a very poetical picture of that disorderly s; - ;ltc ' ' which all tin- el merits lay bit ;.d- ithout order or distinction. From his skill in astronomy the starry hea- vens were called by his name, and for his equity and be- neficence he was denominated king universe. HEIA, or Bisilca, succeeded her parents, Callus and Terra, in the throne : she was remarkable for her B 2 modesty 4 FABULOUS HISTORY OF modesty and chastity ; but being desirous of heirs, married Hyper;on her brother, to whom she bore Helios and Selene f the sun and moonj, as also a second daugh- ter, called Aurora for the morning,) ; but the brothers of Theia conspiring against her husband, caused him to be assassinated, and drowned her son Helios in the river Eridanus [2].

It is easy to sei , under all thi» confusion and perplexity, the rtmukt ei truth; U the 2 FABULOUS HISTORY OF the ancient tradition of the creation being obscured with a multiplicity of images and allegories, became an inex- haustible fund for fiction to improve upon, and swelled the heathen theology into an unmeasurablc compass: so that in this sense, Chaos may indeed be properly stiled the father of the gods. Nor was his queen Titea less esteemed for her wisdom and goodness, which after her death procured her the honour of being deified by the name of Terra. Selene, who was extremely fond of her brother* on hearing his fate, precipitated herself from a high tower.

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He had also a daughter, called Cepi.yra, who - ducated Neptune, and three sons, rip. * tup: heathen con 1 ; 5 The ancient, regarded 0fy (so that Mars is but one of his at- tributes) ; this bespoke him irresistible and ruling all things : in b'.s left hand was * flower, intimating the .

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