Is ariel lin and joe cheng dating

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Is ariel lin and joe cheng dating

The first music video of the first lead track "甜蜜花園" [Sweet Garden] was released in mid-June and music video for the second lead track "螢火蟲" [Firefly], was released in early July.

Her co-star, Bolin from In Time with You specifically travelled from China to Taiwan to attend her engagement banquet. He said, “Ariel initially did not dare to tell me truth.

Cheng is based in Taiwan and also counts China, Hong Kong and Japan as his main target markets. It was this role that kick-started his acting career.

As a model, Cheng was featured in several music videos, including one of Heavenly King Jacky Cheung's. Following his rising popularity and the success of his first acting role, Cheng was asked to make a guest appearance as Lucifer in Taiwanese boyband Energy’s first-ever idol drama, Dance with Michael, in the same year.

He has also authored two books and co-authored another on his hometown Taichung.

He was also featured in a 2006 book on Catwalk Modelling Agency.

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Cheng released his debut EP, Sing a Song, in October 2009.