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We also hope to welcome some new members and continue to expand our presence with events around town.” Founded in 1935, the New York Film Critics Circle is the oldest and most prestigious in the country.

The circle’s membership includes critics from daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, and the web’s most respected online publications.

After approximately 24-48 hours, your profile is either approved, or denied.

You might be thinking, “this sounds pretty elitist to me,” and you’re not entirely wrong.

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Tweetdeck (tweetdeck.twitter.com) is very useful in that it allows you to follow multiple columns of tweets based on filters you setup.This is one way of making sure you are an actual human being who is serious about finding a connection, and not a random time-waster.They also request for you to choose a profile picture they can verify.The core of the movie will apparently see the Kingsman organisation teaming up with their US counterparts, the Statesmen, after their base is destroyed by Moore's criminal mastermind.Jane Goldman returned to write the script with Vaughn, and promised that the sequel is "more crazy than the first one, if such thing is possible".

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And now it's coming back, with a 2017 sequel, Elsewhere, Statesmen agent Tequila (Channing Tatum) and his tech support Ginger (Halle Berry) are briefed for their very dangerous assignment while lots of stuff blows up around them. Vaughn has been working hard to deliver a cast as impressive as his first (which also boasted Michael Caine, Samuel L Jackson and Mark Hamill).